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Server Rules

Please respect the rules!

All users and members of the TS3PLANET.COM should be respectful and civilized to each other. The Administration shall not tolerate any kind of insult, lack of respect, discrimination and offenses, broadened in these points:

1. General

  1. Religious, ethnic or political, social or sexual offenses.
  2. Invasion of the user's private life.
  3. Use of any type of images likely to injure the user under any circumstances.
  4. Prohibited Use of Programs / Software That Change the Voice.
  5. Forbidden To Make Recording Of Any Event.
  6. Prohibited to stay on more than one TeamSpeak3 server in conjunction with other users. You can only do it on a private channel.
  7. They must have the nickname according to the game and / or explicit name, otherwise they will be punished with kick / ban.

2. TeamSpeak Channels

  1. There are several rooms in TeamSpeak, each with its own membership goal.
  2. The misuse of the user of a room, through matters adverse to the purpose of the same, noise, offenses, this will be punished.
  3. Punishment, regardless of form, can be contested as long as well argued.
  4. The constant breaking of rules by a user in TeamSpeak may lead to the permanent ban of the same.
  5. In Channel Creation, All Users MUST take into account the Used Name In The Same.
  6. It is forbidden to have the name of the offending room (being a joke or not) for other members of the community.

3. Advertising

  1. It is expressly forbidden for any user to advertise, advertise or make known any competing communities.
  2. Forbidden to use Tag's that do not belong to the community.